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Felicity- An American Girl Adventure

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure is a 2005 WB Network television family\drama movie based on the "American Girl" book series by Valerie Tripp which aired on November 29, 2005.


Ten-year-old Felicity Merriman (Shailene Woodley) is growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia just before the American Revolution. High-spirited and independent, she decides to tame the wild horse owned by the leather maker, Jiggy Nye (Geza Kovacs), who mistreats it.

Even though her parents forbid her, Felicity runs off in the morning to be with this horse, which Felicity names "Penny."

Meanwhile, tension grows between the colonists. Some, including Felicity’s father and his apprentice, Ben (Kevin Ziegers) wish for independence from the king of England. Others, like Felicity’s grandfather (David Gardner) and her best friend, Elizabeth (Katie Henney) remain loyal to the king.


  • Shailene Woodley as Felicity Merriman
  • Marcia Gay Harden as Martha Merriman
  • Robinne Fanfair as Rose
  • David Gardner as Grandfather
  • Eulala Scheel as Nan Merriman
  • Lynne Griffin as Lady Templeton
  • Katie Henney as Elizabeth Cole
  • Juliet Holland-Rose as Annabelle Cole
  • Geza Kovacs as Jiggy Nye
  • John Schneider as Edward Merriman
  • Janine Theriault as Miss Frances Manderly
  • Kevin Zegers as Ben Davidson