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Goodbye, Miss 4th of July is a 1988 television family drama movie that aired on the NBC network on December 3, 1988.

The movie starred Roxana Zal, Louis Gossett Jr., Chris Sarandon and Chantal Contouri.


"Goodbye, Miss 4th of July" is based on the true-life drama of a 17-year-old girl named Niki Janus.

After fleeing persecution in Greece, Niki (Roxana Zal) and her family immigrate to West Virginia and begin living the American Dream.

Among their friends is Big John Creed (Louis Gossett Jr.), a wise and helpful handyman, but Niki's friendship with him and her belief in freedom unwittingly bring the wrath of the Ku Klux Klan to her very doorstep.

Full of courage and passion, Niki challenges the powerful Klan and, at the same time, she must overcome her own fears to help the townspeople survive a horrible flu epidemic.


  • Louis Gossett Jr. as Big John Creed
  • Roxana Zal as Niki Janus
  • Chris Sarandon as George Janus
  • Chantal Contouri as Olymbia Janus
  • Ed Lauter as Walker Edmiston
  • Chynna Phillips as Alma
  • Mitchell Anderson as Henderson Kerr