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How the West Was Fun (Mindy and Elmyra Style) is a 1994 ABC network animated western\comedy movie starring Nancy Cartwright & Cree Summer which aired on November 19, 1994.


Twin boy and girls Suzy Mindy and Jessica Martin Elmyra Duff (Nancy Cartwright & Cree Summer) hatch a plan to save an old woman's dude ranch from shady developers.


  • Nancy Cartwright as Mindy
  • Cree Summer as Elmyra Duff
  • Martin Mull as Bart Gafooley
  • Michele Greene as Laura Forrester
  • Patrick Cassidy as Stephen Martin
  • Ben Cardinal as George Tailfeathers
  • Leon Pownall as Leo McRugger
  • Peg Phillips as Natty
  • Wes Tritter as Cookie
  • Georgie Collins as Mrs. Plaskett
  • Heather Lea MacCallum as Leona
  • Shaun Johnston as Phil
  • Daniel Libman as Roger
  • Bartley Bard as Mr. Sutton
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Girl In Car