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In My Daughter's Name is a 1992 CBS network television movie which aired on May 10, 1992 starring Donna Mills.


After Laura Elias's teenage daughter, Carly is raped and murdered by a man named Peter Lipton and he is acquitted of all charges due to an insanity defense, Laura decides to take justice into her own hands.


  • Donna Mills as Laura Elias
  • John Getz as Michael Elias
  • Ari Meyers as Carly Elias
  • Ellen Blain as Lissa Elias
  • Adam Storke as Peter Lipton
  • John Rubinstein as Ban Worrall
  • Lee Grant as Maureen Leeds
  • Roger Floyd as Greg Heglin
  • Lillian Lehman as Dr. Kathryn Howard