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Little Girl Lost is a 1988 ABC network television movie which aired on April 25, 1988.


A six-year-old girl (Marie Martin) is removed from her loving foster family (Frederic Forrest & Tess Harper) and returned to her biological father who sexually assaults her, and the foster family goes through a long struggle to regain custody of her.


  • Frederic Forrest as Tim Brady
  • Tess Harper as Clara Brady
  • Kathy Trageser as Kelly Brady
  • Marie Martin as Tella Brady
  • Matthew Scott Carlton as Nathan Lees
  • C. Jack Robinson as Judge Greer
  • Gigi Cervantes as Brandy
  • Rudy Young as Ed De Busk
  • Annabelle Weenick as Gwynneth Soames
  • Esther Benson as Mrs. Morella
  • Suzanne Savoy as Dr. Deborah Meewsen
  • Gil Glasgow as Police Officer
  • Lee Ritchey as Earl Lockwood
  • Libby Villari as Harriet Baker