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Pioneer Woman is a 1973 ABC network television movie which aired on December 19, 1973.


Set in 1867, an American family from the Northeast heads to Wyoming in search of a better life, only to face tragedy and hardship.

Maggie Sergent (Joanna Pettet), the hard-driving matriarch of the clan, is totally unprepared after her husband, John (William Shatner), is murdered.

Left to handle the farm on her own, she must choose whether to stay in Wyoming and run the farm with her children or head back to the East Coast and return to the life that she knows.


  • Joanna Pettet as Maggie Sergeant
  • William Shatner as John Sergeant
  • David Janssen as Robert Douglas
  • Lance LeGault as Joe Wormser
  • Helen Hunt as Sarah Sargeant
  • Russell Baer as Jeremy Sergeant
  • Linda Kupecek as Philippa Wormser
  • Lloyd Berry as Slim Hall
  • Robert Koons as William Seymour
  • Agatha Mercer as Trudy Seymour
  • Les Kimber as Jordan Seymour
  • John Murrell as Henry Seymour