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Samantha: An American Girl Holiday is a 2004 WB Network television family\drama movie based on the "American Girl" book series by Susan S. Adler & Valerie Tripp which aired on November 23, 2004.


Kindhearted Samantha Parkington (AnnaSophia Robb)'s world starts to change the day Nellie O'Malley (Kelsey Lewis) walks into her life.

Nellie, her father and her two little sisters have moved in next door to be servants for the Ryland family. Even though they come from completely different backgrounds, Samantha and Nellie become fast friends.

The girls turn to each other in happiness and sorrow, adventure and danger, and grow to be as close as even two sisters could be, but nothing could prepare them for the life-altering surprises that lie ahead


  • AnnaSophia Robb as Samantha Parkington
  • Kelsey Lewis as Nellie O'Malley
  • Mia Farrow as Mary Edwards
  • Jordan Bridges as Gardner Edwards
  • Rebecca Mader as Cornelia Edwards
  • Olivia Ballantyne as Jenny O'Malley
  • Hannah Endicott-Douglas as Bridget O'Malley
  • Michael Kanev as Eddie Ryland