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Something About Amelia is a 1984 television movie that aired on the ABC network on January 9, 1984.


The film centers on a 13-year-old girl named Amelia who confides to her school guidance counselor that her father, Steven has been sexually abusing her after becoming concerned about how close he is getting to her younger sister, Beth

Once her secret is revealed, Amelia is removed from her home as the authorities investigate and the revelation shocks her mother, Gail.


  • Roxana Zal as Amelia Bennett
  • Glenn Close as Gail Bennett
  • Ted Danson as Steven Bennett
  • Missy Francis as Beth Bennett
  • Jane Kaczmerek as Mrs. Hall
  • Olivia Cole as Ruth Bennett
  • Lane Smith as Officer Dealy
  • James Carrington as Officer Barnes
  • Kevin Conway as Dr. Kevin Farley
  • Matthew Faison as Judge



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