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Still Not Quite Human is a 1992 Disney Channel television movie which aired on May 31, 1992.

It is the last film in the "Not Quite Human" trilogy.


Dr. Jonas Carson & Chip attend a robotics convention where Jonas is kidnapped by the hired goons of Dr. Frederick Berrigon and replaced by a look-alike android. It's up to Chip and his newfound friends to rescue him.


  • Jay Underwood as Chip Carson
  • Alan Thicke as Dr. Jonas Carson / Bonus
  • Adam Philipson as Kyle Roberts
  • Rosa Nevin as Officer Kate Morgan
  • Christopher Neame as Dr. Frederick Berrigon
  • Ken Pogue as Bundy, Berrigon's Butler
  • Sheelah Megill as Miss Prism
  • Betsy Palmer as Aunt Mildred