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The Day After is a 1983 ABC network television movie which aired on November 20, 1983.


The movie tells the story of a nuclear holocaust that affects the citizens in a Kansas town.


  • Jason Robards as Dr. Russell Oakes
  • Georgann Johnson as Helen Oakes
  • Kyle Aletter as Marilyn Oakes
  • John Cullum as Jim Dahlberg
  • Bibi Besch as Eve Dahlberg
  • Lori Lethin as Denise Dahlberg
  • Doug Scott as Danny Dahlberg
  • Ellen Anthony as Joleen Dahlberg
  • JoBeth Williams as Nurse Nancy Bauer
  • Calvin Jung as Dr. Sam Hachiya
  • Lin McCarthy as Dr. Austin
  • Rosanna Huffman as Dr. Wallenberg
  • George Petrie as Dr. Landowska
  • Jonathan Estrin as Julian French
  • Steve Guttenberg as Stephen Klein
  • John Lithgow as Joe Huxley
  • Amy Madigan as Alison Ransom
  • William Allen Young as Airman First Class Billy McCoy
  • Jeff East as Bruce Gallatin
  • Dennis Lipscomb as Reverend Walker
  • Clayton Day as Dennis Hendry
  • Antonie Becker as Ellen Hendry
  • Stephen Furst as Aldo
  • Arliss Howard as Tom Cooper
  • Stan Wilson as Vinnie Conrad
  • Harry Bugin as Man at phone