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Thin Ice is a 1981 CBS network television movie which aired on February 17, 1981.


Set in a community in South Carolina, a widowed high school teacher starts a relationship with one of her male students.


  • Kate Jackson as Linda Rivers
  • Gerald Prendergast as Paul McCormick
  • Louise Latham as Mrs. McCormick
  • Mimi Kennedy as Arlene Gilbert
  • Lillian Gish as Grandmother
  • James Greene as Mr. McCormick
  • Barton Heyman as Mr. Boynes
  • Daniel Hugh Kelly as Jack McCormick
  • Malachy McCourt as Matt
  • Hansford Rowe as George Kiernan
  • Richard Seff as Mr. Reckler
  • Lenore Bender as Mrs. Archer
  • George Guidall as Mr. Corona
  • Lawrence Holofcener as Mr. Wembly
  • Dwight Schultz as Mr. Ritchie



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